Classic Machine Works is an outgrowth of 30 years in production woodworking.

We have a huge inventory of vintage and production woodworking machines.
Everything is for sale at our warehouse located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

Some were in our factory, others we bought or horse-traded, a few are consignments.
It's time to thin the warehouse and find new homes for these machines.

Over 200 machines are now listed - accurately described and clearly photographed. 
Most are in good working condition, some are projects, and a few are parts machines. 

The Classic American Makers - Oliver, Whitney, Yates, Diehl, Mattison...
Flooring & Production Mill - End Matchers, Moulders, Cut off saws, Ripsaws...
Lumber Handling - Conveyors, Transfers, Rollcases, Scissors lifts...
Furniture Production - Boring, Profiling, Routing, Glue clamping...
Reclaimed Wood Processing - Kiln drying, Brushing, Sanding, Defecting, Handling...

All machines are sold from our location - FOB - Chambersburg, PA, 17201 
You'll get an honest assessment of each piece  - life's too short...
Our goal is to sell machines, clear the warehouse and make room for new opportunities.


Thanks for looking, and Happy Machinery!

Barry Stup
Classic Machine Works
June 2016

By the way, let us know if you have any antique machines or an old shop to sell.
We may have an interest as we still collect the really old stuff.