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SII Dry Kiln Hardware - to build an approximately 25,000 board foot kiln.

We built our own dry kiln using these high quality parts.
In 2015 we dismantled the kiln and removed the components when we sold our building.

The kiln we built was about 40' wide and 30' deep.
The door height was 12', and the inside height (including upper fan plenum) was 20'.
We used a Universal Brand door carrier to roll the two large doors - everything worked very well.

Our kiln was a low pressure steam unit - a "conventional kiln".
It was connected to our boiler, which is not included.
No heating unit is included, however, a small package boiler can be used for this application.
Another option for heating is to use a "Dehumidification" unit, such as those made by Nyle.
(There is a Nyle unit available locally that could be purchased for this application)

A new kiln room would need to be be built, and these components installed.
If you are drying air dried lumber, like we did, insulated stud walls and heavy sheathing is all you need.

You would need about 16' - 20' ceiling height.

Sale items consist of -

SII Partlow 7000 controller
SII components - 5 heavy duty fans - each 5 HP, and 48" diameter
SII components - 14 Fin Pipe units - about 110,000 BTU per unit
Custom built - Two Sliding insulated aluminum frame doors
Universal Kiln components - Door carrier and Hardware

About 25,000 Board Foot Capacity
dditional kiln parts and controls needed are available from SII Dry Kilns, Lexington, NC.
SII is the premiere American dry kiln manufacturer.

There is a good bit that goes into building a small package kiln like the one we built.
We can help you to get going if you have a serious interest.