Friulmac - Flooring End matcher

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Friulmac  Rondamat model E - Inline Feed through End matcher

SOLD - $27,000 - Very nice machine with tooling, ready to run.

Model E 001
Serial number - #3521-A
2003 model year
10 cycles per minute
Maximum 10" stock width x unlimited length

For production of End Matched Flooring & Paneling
Two sliding "tenon" heads,
one tongue and one groove.

Flooring moves Right to Left through servo feed belt.
Machine stops and sets up.
Both cutterheads travel to end profile T&G - two pieces at a time.
Very nice production end matcher.

440 VT, 72 KA, 60HZ, 50 Amps.
Fully enclosed circuitry cabinet.

Footprint - 8' deep x 25' long

Well maintained machine from our former flooring mill.

Tooling for 3/4" T&G - Two sets - Square edge and Eased edge

We have it set up on a steel box tubing skid for forklift mobility.

Because these machines require that the infeed and outfeed tables
be VERY accurately aligned to the matcher frame for accuracy of cuts,
they are not easily moved.
By attaching all the components to our frame,
we can move the entire machine without affecting accuracy.
Transportation and Setup time is greatly reduced. 
The machine's final location in your mill can be fine tuned this way, too.

The overall footprint is - 8' wide x 25' long x 6.5' high at the electrics cabinet.

This machine came out of our production flooring mill 
where we ran it and maintained it from new.

It's a good machine for an enterprising wood flooring mill.