Paul 14-MKL - Optimizing Cutoff Saw

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Paul Optimizing Cutoff Saw - feed through cut-off saw system
Year - 1995
Model - 14MKL

This unit was in our production for many years delivering excellent service.
It's in very good mechanical condition.

SN #9488227

We upgraded the controls in 2014 -
Panasonic Controller #FPXC-30P with a Weintek touchscreen -
Communicates with the original Paul (Seimans) Drive
480 Volt, 60 Hz

$20,000 - SOLD

This saw has a 12" width capacity and 16' length capacity.

We used it as a "cut-to-mark" saw as we were defecting for yield.
The saw can be set up for full Optimising, though.

Board is marked with a florescent crayon by operator at knots or defect spots.
Board is then fed on canted conveyor belt under camera/measuring unit.
Measuring unit sends signal to saw to chop at leading end, marked spots, and trailing end.
Saw can be programmed for defect size to kick out waste as it is generated.

End trimmed board then comes out of saw and onto outfeed belt with kickers to push stock onto pull deck or pick up point.
This is a very well built German made machine - parts still available.

Dimensions footprint -

Infeed - 4' x 33'
Saw - 4'  x 7' + kickout shoot
Outfeed - 3' x 18' with air kickers
Total length about 58'