Porter 715A Facer

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Facers are under appreciated machines used solely for flattening the bottom face of boards prior to planing to thickness.
Basically a jointer in it’s cutterhead configuration, the spring loaded, top mounted finger feed head pulls the board through
and yields to the surface irregularities, so the board is not squashed down flat, producing a flat bottom surface. Get it?
These are great machines for limited production planing lines, when combined with a single surface planer for the top cut.

  • Porter 715A
  • The last of the Porter line and carries a four knife round head
  • 20hp motor on arbor
  • Spring loaded finger feed, 2hp feed motor. Raise and lower motor, 1hp.
  •  230/460vt
  • S# 73-7035.
  • In very good condition
  • Price – $2500 SOLD

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