Wysong 289 Edge Sander

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Wysong & Miles 289 Edge sander

An earlier model, non-oscillating machine, probably from the 1930's.

40" Platen and a 50" Table

Nice cast iron base with a closet in the back for storing the dead-heads.

Yes, they are the wooden blocks with the graphite covering you see in the pictures.

On standard edge sanders, a rubber covered idle roll is installed.
They are usually between 4" and 5" in diameter.

Machine has an assortment of different dead-heads for more accurate inside radius sanding.
They perform just as well as a roll.
You could refit the machine back to an idle roll if you want to.

Anyway, it has a 3 HP, 440 Volt, 3 phase motor on it now, but could easily be changesd out.
I have some 220 Volt motors you could choose from.

Priced fairly at $1500.