McKnight Curve part Sander


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L G McKnight Machinery Company
Gardner, Mass

A very early New England maker that specialized in chair machinery.
Gardner, Mass was once the capital of the chair industry, but that’s another story.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is a very rare chair leg sander –

You lay the flat side of the chair leg on the table and sand either the convex or concave sides.

The sanding drum, or wheel, is 24″ in diameter, and takes 6″ wide sandpaper.
Table is 36″ x 36″ square.
It raises and lowers as need be.
Shaft and sanding wheel oscillate, too – a serious innovation in it’s day.

Yes, you do see a bit of braze repair.
You would need some repair too, if you were 120 years old.

This machine was originally driven from a line shaft, duh.
Later factory mechanics converted it to belted motor drive for modern needs.
It sports a 3 HP, 220 Volt, 3 Phase motor.