Morgan Double end Box joint Hauncher


Morgan #8 Lock Corner machine
Very Rare Double sided machine
Made by Morgan Machine Company,
Rochester, New York

Opens to 36″ length
Up to 16″ width

Perfect for making Bee Hive boxes
Can do 10 pieces of 1″ thick boards at one time.

An old machine but in pretty good condition
We had it running but never used it.

230 Vt, 3 hp Electric motor driven vertical spindles
Set up now for 1/4″ box joints –
Rearrange the cutters for different width joints

230 Vt Motor driven shaft for engaging the feed works and stock carriage
Boards are stacked vertically into the carriage,
Engage the feed and it moves across the cutter heads.
Cuts both ends of the stock to the exact length every time.

9′ long x 4′ wide x 5′ high

Very good production capacity

We can easily load this machine onto your trailer