SOLD – Porter 715-A Facer



Porter 715-A Facer

36″ Width Capacity & 12″ Thickness capacity.
Power raising for thickness adjustment.
Serial #72-6304
1972 machine

This machine has the Newman “Quiet-Cut” Spiral carbide cutterhead.
These cutterheads are far superior to straight knife heads.
It will need to be tooled up with new carbide inserts.

A facer is a “Finger-Feed” bottom cutter head “flattening” planer.
It is a self feeding machine with spring loaded fingers that pull
the board through and plane the bottom “face” of the board.

The board is not pushed down but is allowed to feed as it is,
thus making a bowed or cupped board flatter.

Then the flattened face board can be put through the planer, faced side down, to thickness it.
A more usable, that is – flat – board is the result.